JET-VILL Kft. has been a major entity in the electric business for 27 years now. The two pillars of our activities are electrical installation and the production of electric equipment. Our experience with facilities has led us to the construction of an exotic cave theatre. We have modernised the electric systems of several bank branches. For several years now, international industrial plants have commissioned us to design their electric systems in order to ensure trouble-free production. We have participated in energy supply jobs related to traffic and telecommunications.

We have introduced a new generation of compact transformer stations on the domestic market. Several of our standardised outdoor equipment operate in power supply and telecommunication networks. Our special underground technology provides a wide variety of services for the neighbourhood of the Parliament building, the heart of the country. Our innovative solutions have also drawn the attention of entities in faraway lands. As a result, our devices operate in three continents. Telecommunication companies commission us to hide their downtown equipment. To accomplish this, we turn to aerospace technology for solutions.


Our history



szerelesElectrical implementation is provided in a ready-for-operation fashion. We only work together with highly qualified experts and professional project managers. We pay special attention to labour safety and safe implementation, which guarantee future operational safety.
After the investment, we carry out customized electrical maintenance and operation tasks in accordance with your requirements.

And this is not all: we provide full-scale service that includes consulting and planning, development, production and the supply of electrical materials. All of this is co-ordinated by a single company, which saves you time.


  • assessment, consulting, planning
  • expert services, analysis
    • networks
    • switching apparatus
    • energy supply
  • offer preparation
  • project management
    • building electricity installation
    • industrial installation
    • network establishment, energy supply
    • low-current systems
    • measurements, documentation
  • follow-up, guarantee
  • maintenance, operation


uzemeltetesWe take great care to ensure the conditions of production and continuous operation. Apart from daily routines, we also give our clients recommendations about how to reduce risks. Using thermal imaging technology, we pinpoint the defects of electrical equipment and draw attention to the deviations from standards. We provide cost estimates to support decision-making when choosing the required measures. We strive for co-operation. Our focus is to execute the task at hand. Our partners are able to carry out their value-creating activities if we take some of the load off their shoulders. Our longest-standing partner has placed their confidence in us for more than 18 years now.

We think ahead, in collaboration with you. Our chief goal is to make sure that your production runs with as little downtime and as cost-effectively as possible. We are at your disposal 24 hours a day at the right time, in the right place, with the right tools.
We provide you with a customized service, which guarantees the operation of vital systems. We undertake the operation or maintenance of complete electric power supply systems, lighting networks or even safety engineering systems.

And this is not all: we provide full-scale service that includes consulting and planning, development, production and the supply of electrical materials. All of this is co-ordinated by a single company, which saves you time.


  • assessment, consulting, planning
  • maintenance
    • electric networks
    • technological equipment
    • switching and distribution equipment
    • low-current systems
    • measurement, verification
  • operation
    • medium-voltage equipment
    • power-current networks
    • low-current systems
    • technological lines
    • uninterruptable power supplies
  • development, extension



JET-VILL launches JFA CITYSMART for smart cities.


JET-VILL, located in the heart of Europe, is a flourishing underground technology provider. The company has always focused on R&D, emphasizing high quality and sustainability. With its new product range, branded under the name “JFA CITYSMART”, JET-VILL is headed for leadership in underground technology. The JFA portfolio, consisting of units which can be fitted to each other, provides unique solutions to develop high-tech underground infrastructure for the modern city.

The mission of JFA CITYSMART is to encourage the development of future smart cities where the most advanced network technology will ensure an attractive cityscape, a liveable environment and safe public spaces. Our vision is that by 2020 all kinds of equipment, whether for transporting electricity or high-tech communication, will have been moved underground. Cities will be smarter than ever – with JFA CITYSMART system under the ground.

2What can you do about the development of your city?

JFA CITYSMART is a benefit for everyone. JET-VILL’s patented products are state-of-the-art with forward-looking technology. JFA CITYSMART products are an excellent complement to traditional aboveground products. Your city will be free of unsightly surface installations and safe from the many mishaps associated with a surface-based system.

JFA CITYSMART installations are best suited to scenic city centres, upscale pedestrian areas, downtown parks, and areas around protected historic monuments – in other words, places where the cityscape and the value of space are of prime importance. With JFA underground technology networks can be completely hidden from view, especially in locations where space is limited.


JFA CITYPOWER for the power of city life

JFA CITYPOWER underground transformer stations provide the city with essential power in the safest and most aesthetic way.

JFA 100B

  • basic design up to 1000 kVA
  • patented in 142 countries (PCT)
  • oil transformer + MV + LV
  • enhanced personal protection
  • new natural cooling system

JFA 100G

  • giant design up to 2000 kVA
  • bigger switch room
  • dry transformer + MV + LV
  • LV panel protected against sand
  • flexible upgrade

JFA 100L

  • large design up to 1600 kVA
  • larger transformer room
  • oil and dry transformer + MV + LV
  • EMC radiation protection
  • less noise burden throughout

JFA 100R

  • room for different technology
  • energy distribution
  • telecommunication
  • compact concrete housing
  • better facility management



JFA CITYFLOW for uninterrupted operation

With JFA CITYFLOW the underground network will operate uninterrupted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will not only protect against water seepage, but also secure the flow of power supply, public lighting, telecommunication and traffic control.

JFA 200E

  • energy distribution
  • busbar for 6pc. of NH2 400A
  • secure power supply
  • natural cooling
  • resistance to salty humidity

JFA 200T

  • telecommunication
  • traditional and optical solutions
  • secure internet cable TV connection
  • active or passive cooling
  • vandalism proofed

JFA 200S

  • street lighting
  • with different controllers
  • with power consumption meter
  • protection against sand and water
  • no graffiti and posted ads

JFA 200C

  • control systems
  • traffic regulation
  • weatherproof
  • protection against accidents
  • operation under high temperatures


JFA CITYPORT for the ideal connection

Endpoint devices like power outlets, consumption meters, secure plugs and telecommunication terminals will guarantee the best connection methods possible without disturbing the cityscape.

JFA 300P

  • point of energy
  • different socket combinations
  • different sizes and covers
  • immediate availability
  • cost effectiveness

JFA 300F

  • fuses for connections
  • consumer connection
  • possibility to separate – disconnect
  • asset protection
  • operational security

JFA 300M

  • measuring
  • electronic consumption meter
  • meets provider standard
  • system dependent remote reporting
  • fast implementation

JFA 300T

  • telecommunication
  • IT support for different events
  • telephone and internet connection
  • video connection availability
  • additional power plugging


The production of electric equipment for both indoor and outdoor application. Our indoor equipment utilised to provide the lighting, the energy distribution and the control of buildings are made of high-grade components. The outdoor cabinet systems installed in public areas comprise self-developed product ranges. We introduced compact concrete housing transformer station technology. With our state-of-the-art underground equipment, we continue the development activity that results in solutions for our partners with more and more advantages. With the installation of new, intelligent devices, we make sure that humidity condensation, which endangers electric equipment, is inhibited.


Indoor distributors

  • main distributor up to 2500 A
  • sub-level distributors
  • power factor corrector cabinet
  • PLC control cabinet
  • mechanical distributor
  • consumption meter cabinet
  • DDC distributor (building automatics)

Transformer stations

  • underground station
  • stations with internal and external handling

Outdoor and underground distributors

  • consumption meter cabinet
  • public lighting control cabinet
  • cable distribution cabinet
  • jointing box
  • traffic control equipment
  • telecommunications equipment
  • cabinet for public events
  • temporary supply cabinet

Humidity control tool

  • intelligent demister



kereskedelemThe trading of electrical components and materials, which comprise tens of thousands of items, is co-ordinated from our Trade Centre located in Székesfehérvár. Our self-developed products are sold in our headquarters at 3 Fázis Street, Budapest. We provide equipment for the areas of energy supply, public lighting, traffic control and telecommunications. We also have special products. We acquired network permits for a hi-tech modular polycarbonate cable shaft in the fields of telecommunications, railroads and public roads. Our exportable JFA underground devices are installed in faraway countries as well.

Our speciality is flexible delivery and engineering consulting services in a single package, within the framework of customized contracts. We deliver unique electrical materials that are hard to come by in Hungary. Naturally, we are available 24 hours a day: just-in-time delivery at the right time, to the right place.

And this is not all: we provide full-scale service that includes consulting and planning, development, production and the supply of electrical materials. All of this is co-ordinated by a single company, which saves you time.


  • electrical materials and equipment
    • full scale of installation materials
    • special maintenance materials
    • indoor and outdoor distributors
    • equipment
    • transformer stations
    • underground systems
  • additional services
    • consulting, planning
    • material selection
    • project support
    • standby storage
    • goods delivery
    • installation, servicing
    • packaging material sales for processing

Our Partners


the number of continents where our JFA CITYSMART devices operate


the number of countries that are covered by the industrial patent for our JFA 100 underground station


the height of water column in metres, under which our JFA 200 network device is still able to operate


Indoor switching apparatus

Standard and unique designs. Production and handover are accompanied by complete, electronic technical documentation.


Indoor switching apparatus

Humidity control of devices

Newly-developed, intelligent technology for the humidity condensation protection of outdoor electric and telecommunications equipment.


Humidity control of devices

Underground systems

Neat cityscape, liveable environment, safe public areas thanks to a new generation of hidden devices.


Outdoor appliances

The most stable cabinet. Made of polycarbonate, free from glass fibre, posing no harm to health. A leader among plastic cabinets.


Special products

Special products for multiple types of application in the areas of traffic, telecommunications and electric power supply.


Transformer stations

The exterior and the looks of the equipment can be adapted to the cityscape. No fan noise, even in the summer heat, meaning there are no complaints.



“Put it underground? At last, a sound solution!”

Gábor Kövér, Development Engineer, MÁV

“In general, the simplest things are the best; ones that no-one has thought about, regardless. Who would have thought that these solutions would work out so well! What is more, this could be useful in other countries as well.”

László Kovács, Purchasing Director, ELMŰ

“…life stops without operational safety…this is a round-the-clock shift, there are no jokes here. Everything has to work here, and JET-VILL is a partner in this…”

Attila Frey, Purchasing Director, Continental Automotive Systems

“JET-VILL has been punctual with their delivery and have come up with several novel solutions so far that have aided us in our work. I am positive that we can count on them in the future and that they will always have good ideas…”

Vilmos Sobják, Senior Development Manager, Magyar Telekom Nyrt.

If I were to erect an office building on the Antarctic, I would take it on with JET-VILL.

Árpád Bognár, CEO, Swietelsky Építő Kft

Finally, a solution that provides answers to several problems of local authorities. It is elegant, future-proof and energy efficient. Not to mention it is Hungarian.

Dr. Gábor Zongor, Secretary General, Hungarian National Association of Local Authorities