Company history


We introduce a new, self-developed technology on the market. As a result of our R&D activities, we place equipment with high heat loss underground, using solutions borrowed from aerospace technology; and we are also able to realise the intelligent humidity control of outdoor electric and telecommunications equipment.


Despite the harsh economic environment, our Company gains new momentum, with its operation resting on stable and secure foundations. Our electrical installation activities now include solar systems as well. Our underground devices operate in great number near the Hungarian Parliament building. This is a crowning of several years of development.


Supplying considerable underground systems related to the renovation of main squares and the construction of pedestrian precincts in several domestic towns.


Taking over the electrical operation tasks of yet another well-known international company. Standardisation and development of our underground equipment range.


Holding government-level presentations in Egypt, signing a contract with the largest Egyptian company. Our presentations held abroad were attended by not only businessmen, but political leaders as well – including the Hungarian Prime Minister.


Supplying underground equipment for the facilities owned by the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi. Pilot project in Doha, capital of Qatar.


Announcement of a series of design patents concerning our JFA CITYSMART products. We received a European patent. As a result, we achieved great things in terms of underground equipment, which today operate in three continents.


Installation of underground transformer stations, underground public lighting distribution systems and telecommunications equipment containing active underground components.


PCT protection is acquired in 148 countries for our self-developed, type JFA 100 underground transformer station, which integrates new solutions. Introduction of an integrated company management system.


The development of underground equipment commences. Growth in all areas. Larger building erection projects and increased production volume.


A new factory hall is opened at 3 Fázis Street. The production of indoor electric switching equipment commences. In the following period, a branch office is opened in Pécs, extending our installation activities to southern Hungary as well.


Development and supply of power supply cabinets; planning, energy supply and network establishment jobs in cable television networks.


Testing of our self-developed public lighting and energy meter product range, and introducing it on the Hungarian market.


Testing of a polycarbonate cable distributor and connector product range and introducing it on the Hungarian electric power supply market.


Acquisition of network permits for a modular polycarbonate cable shaft in the fields of telecommunications, railroads and public roads.


A trade centre is opened in Székesfehérvár. Further strengthening of installation projects and the expansion of resources. Continuous developments in this period as well. Our Company presented new outdoor cabinet product ranges on the electric power supply and telecommunications markets.


Introduction of the ISO 9001 quality assurance system. Introduction of polycarbonate outdoor cabinets on the Hungarian market. Supply of transformer stations with internal space envelopes.


Energy supply of the rest areas on the M3 motorway and the introduction of patented sanitary systems in Hungary. Development of a new, prefabricated transformer station and acquiring design patent.


Relocation to 3 Fázis Street in Budapest. Offices, a workshop and auxiliary facilities are established.


Introduction of a new technology in Hungary: compact transformer stations in concrete housing. Installation of the first station.


Ramping up projects and laying down the business foundations. Establishing special medium voltage stations, network planning.


The company is founded by two Hungarian owners. The office opens in Budapest, in the vicinity of Petőfi Bridge.