Széchenyi 2020

kedv_infob_ált_ENGBeneficiary: JET-VILL Kft.

Name of the project: New technology for solutioning the placement of infocom and other public space systems.

Subsidized ammount : 41 709 702 HUF

Subsidized procentage: 50,58%

Subject of the project: The purpose of the development is to present a new technolgy which allowes the undeground installation of equipments with the help of special cooling elements, in line with the copmplex modality of technologycal and economical factors. The new system containes the cooled active equipment and its service energy service provider and metering units.

End of the project: 31. december 2015.

Project identification number: KMR_12-1-2012-0116

New underground solutions for public space

Not only in our country, but all over the world the eco-town development is an important challange in line with securing high standard utility services. In last decades the energy hunger, the wide range of telecommunication needs, the public and decorative lighting and the development of traffic control networks urged the service providers for newer and newer utility investments. Indeed these utility systems have gone thru important developments, technical solutions for their placement haven’t changed   substantially. Different shaped built, sized cabinets and in worst cases whole buildings and constructions are still built in public areas. This, sometimes is impossible challange over the reconstruction of a square.

The street cabinets sometime are in lack of easthetics, and they are not secure of wheater intemperies, not even mentioning the vandalism, accidents (ex. reversing car).

In 2013 we started our R&D with the help of the National Innovation Office. We have given a head line to our project „ New technology solutioning the public placement problems for   infocommunication and other systems”.   Our target is to achieve such technical solution, which allows undergound placement of systems with high rate of heat loss, taking in consideration the technical complexity and economical factors.

The operation of a cooled equipment is in need of electric energy, which has to be metered and documented. In order, three connected equipment had to be built.

Two basic technological challange had to be met:

  1. securing watertightness
  2. removing high quantity of heat

The watertightness was resolved using simple physichs, the diving bell effect, with such solution the technology can operate even under 1 meter high water level. This is needed to overcome the highy level of underground water, burst pipe, flood.

We enrolled outsider professionals to elaborate the cooling system. One company from Los Angeles and one from London, but final solution came from the BUDAPEST UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY AND ECONOMICS, where after the theoretical solution, the jointly developed equipment was tested.

Main criterias of the equipment:

1. Cooled distributor:

The cooled distributor was developed basically for telecommunication needs, but can be used in other areas to cool down elements as high as 600 W rate heat loss. Compared to the noisy climate controlled cabinets (which is a frequent issue) the distributor is passively cooled, eliminating bothering noise.

2. Energy distributor:

The most frequent equipment in electric networks. These secure the consumer branches and their protection. We payed separate attention to diverify the use of the equipment in other wide areas, such as public and decorative lighting control units, or traffic control units and other similar areas.

3. Metering:

Service networks are in need of electrical energy (ex. GSM stations, pump stations, phone networks etc). The electric energy has to be metered by certified metering cabinets, the placement of such cabinets often create problems, The new underground metering cabinet resolves this issue.

During the R&D national and international design protection has been filed. The most important news are as follows:

  • new solution for maintenance free opening
  • new passive cooling system
  • intelligent humidity protection

The most important property of the presented equipments, that they all can operate underwater, even in case of burst-pipe, or rain floods. Since is hidden underground it’s secure, can’t be object of vandalism or other overground generated accidents.   They can fit in the surrounding enviroment perfectly, the covers can be paved, offering the choice of installation in any surface.

JET-VILL’s R&D result is a system which offers solution to overcome the differences and tense conficts between eco-town developments and high level utility services.

kedv_infob_ált_ENGHéthy Bálint
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