Transformer stations with concrete housing


Type: JM and NZ series


  • Can be installed outdoors, thereby freeing up valuable space.
  • The exterior and the looks of the equipment can be adapted to the cityscape.
  • Special wall surface: no peeling plaster, no renovation costs.
  • No fan is required for cooling, even in summer: no fan noise means no complaints.


Where is it needed?

  • at energy supply points

What makes it different?

  • tried and tested product
  • vandal-proof
  • “anti-poster” surface
  • long service life

What are its characteristics?

  • industrial and communal utilisation
  • application up to 35 kV
  • dual transformer station
  • compact design



JM 1720 endpoint station up to 400/630 kVA – K1+TR
thermal class: 10/20 K – Weight: 7 tonnes
JM 1830 medium-sized station up to 630 kVA – K1+K2+K3+TR
thermal class: 10 K – Weight: 11 tonnes
JM 2035 large station up to 1000 kVA – K1 + K2 + K3 + TR
thermal class: 10 K – weight: 6 + 8.5 tonnes
NZ stations EON – RWE type
Unique stations stations with internal handling,
combined system,
underground version also available