JFA energy distribution ponints for public spaces


Model: JFA 300


  • New underground technology represents a real breakthrough: an attractive cityscape, livable environment, safe public spaces.
  • A permanent solution for occasional energy needs: always ready and available. No cables laid across the road, no risk of accidents.
  • No need to repeatedly pay for the installation of power supplies at event locations.
  • Uninterrupted and secure operation even under heavy rainfall.
  • Immediately ready for operation.


Where is it needed?

  • Highly frequented public spaces
  • Event locations

How is it different?

  • One system, three solutions: power, water, drainage
  • Can be lowered underground when not in use
  • Wide industry recognition

What are its features?

  • Cast iron or paved cover
  • Durable design
  • Automatic opening system for specified models
  • Flexible towards customer



Basic model P JFA 310 PW
Connection 16 – 63 A
Can be installed with max 9 pc of sockets
Protection rating IP 48 watertight
Weight ~ 300 kg
Dimensions 730 × 1050 × 1065 mm
Cover can be paved
Model P in general 16 – 125 A
Protection ratings P IP 21 – IP 48
Possible built in P 2 – 14 pc of sockets
Model M measuring control
Model F fuse only
Model T telecommunications
Max load B125 – D400