JFA transformer station


Model: JFA 100


  • New underground technology represents a real breakthrough: an attractive cityscape, livable environment, safe public spaces.
  • Vandalism-proof solutions: no risk of accidents, no graffiti, no posters.
  • No electromagnetic radiation, no buzz of ventilators or transformers. No complaints.
  • Modern facility Management. Spaces saved in buildings can be used for efficient investments.


Where is it needed?

  • Highly frequented public spaces
  • Optimal space economy for buldings

How is it different?

  • New underground technology
  • Patent-protected
  • Wide industry recognition

What are its features?

  • Natural ventilation based on new principles
  • Protected, spacious maintenance area
  • Power supply licenses
  • Compact and easy to install



Basic model 1000 kVA
Voltage  24/0,42 kV
Nominal current 1600 A
Heat rating 15 K (12,9 K)
Circuit system K1+K2+K3+TR
MV insulation SF6 / air
Number of branches
up to
10 × NH2 400 A
Noise reduction 5,1 dB
Weight 36 tons
Dimensions 5,5 × 2,5 × 3,3 m
Protection rating IP 43
Cooling no ventilator
Design MV independent arc
Cover design washed gravel