JFA watertight installations


Model: JFA 200


  • New underground technology represents a real breakthrough: an attractive cityscape, livable environment, safe public spaces.
  • Vandalism-proof solutions: no risk of accidents, no graffiti, no posters.
  • Secure power supply. Operates even after rainfall. Guaranteed internet and cable TV access.
  • Installation in any pavement, without hampering the up keeping of public spaces. City utility vehicles can roll over it.


Where is it needed?

  • Highly frequented public spaces

How is it different?

  • New underground technology
  • Patent-protected
  • Wide industry recognition
  • Protected against water seepage

What are its features?

  • Moisture-free environment
  • Increased operational safety
  • Allows the installation of sensitive



Basic model JFA 200 W
Type watertight
Protection rating IP 48
Weight ~ 600 kg
Dimensions 950 × 1580 × 1005 mm
Cover cast iron
Max load standard D400
Gas springs 2 pcs
Maintenance at street level
Operation underground
Model E: Energy 6 pc NH2 400 A
Model S: Streetlighting up to 400 A
Model T: Telecom 19” 21” rack system
Model C: Control complex build up