Cable shaft, circuit breaker installation




  • Quick installation, greatly reducing the time of road works.
  • Significantly lower installation requirements than usual. Cost savings during storage and transportation.
  • No accident hazard: the cover can be aligned, therefore pedestrians do not stumble all over the pavement.


Where is it needed?

  • network substructures

What makes it different?

  • can be cut or sawn during installation
  • lightweight, can be handled manually
  • pipe lead-in can be planned
  • various covers

What are its characteristics?

  • recyclable plastic shaft
  • modular construction
  • 40 tons load-bearing capacity
  • fire safety (self-extinguishing material)


Technical data

Width 250 – 2200 mm
Depth 140 – 2050 mm
Load-bearing capacity B 125 or D 400
Cover design cast iron
ready for paving
Construction 1. cover
2. steel frame
3. PC head frame
4. PC frame elements
5. PC base plate
option  1 cover aligner
option  2 lockability

EK cable shaft made of plastic

A common feature of underground distribution devices is the plastic shaft that houses them, the material of which is 100% recyclable polycarbonate. This provides excellent climatic conditions for electric equipment.

The most important features are: aligning height and slope to the pavement level, short installation time (load can be applied within 1 day), lightweight design and mobility, plannable pipe layout, modular construction.

The modular construction results not only in a wide assortment, but also provides a high degree of flexibility during installation and assembly. The water that gets inside the shaft is led away into the soil via drainpipes.

The heavily finned surface ensures a strong soil connection. The 40-ton load-bearing capacity makes it possible to install the shaft in public roads. In practice, load-bearing capacity depends on the cover, so in case of pavements of automobile parking lots, often only the 12.5-ton version is used. There are special versions available for tunnels, in accordance with the stringent fire resistance and safety requirements.

Basically, the shaft is used for cable pulling and as a telecommunications circuit breaker installation. Apart from the electric power supplier references, it also has network permits issued by the public road management company, by the railway company and by T-Com. The necessary installation technologies are available to us.


  • Polycarbonate (PC)

Material characteristics

  • high degree of temperature resistance
  • asphalting can be carried out without problems
  • fire safety (self-extinguishing material)
  • chemical resistance
  • can be recycled multiple times

Area of application

  • telecommunications
  • traffic engineering
  • railway
  • industry
  • energy supply

Modular construction

  • cover
  • steel frame
  • PC head frame
  • PC frame elements
  • PC base plate

Shaft cover

  • cast iron
  • concrete pouring possible
  • asphalting possible
  • ventilation and fastening option
  • company marking can be added

Mechanical strength

  • maximum mechanical stability
  • B 125 – D 400 load class
  • optimum connection with the soil
  • massive upper protection

Advantages, economy

  • continuous height and slope alignment
  • high flexibility, comprehensive, modular construction
  • can be adapted to existing pipes and cables
  • practical connection options
  • lightweight design is a benefit during storage, transportation and installation
  • no heavy-duty transportation and lifting equipment required, short installation time
  • cost savings during storage and transportation
  • significantly lower installation requirements
  • durability and guaranteed factory quality among on-site conditions


Basic dimensions

Type Useful dimension (mm)
EK 268 250 × 250
EK 278 250 × 550
EK 358 400 × 400
EK 368 400 × 650
EK 378 400 × 800
EK 478 400 × 1165
EK 288 550 × 550
EK 338 550 × 1165
EK 388 650 × 650
EK 328 800 × 800
EK 508 800 × 1165
EK 708 800 × 1600

Further unique dimensions are possible on request.
The height of the shaft and the pipe connections can be adjusted as a combination of frame elements.

Domestic version

Design suitable for accepting standard domestic covers. Versions regulated by PKI and having MATÁV and T-COM network permits:

EK 378-M/S 400 × 800 mm
EK 478-M/S 400 × 1165 mm
EK 328-M/S/P 800 × 800 mm
EK 508-M/S/P 800 × 1165 mm
EK 708-M/S/P 800 × 1600 mm

Letter symbols:

  • M = deep
  • S = shallow
  • P = berm type