Outdoor consumption meter


Type: JZ series


  • One system, two solutions: energy point and measuring point.
  • The most stable cabinet available on the market. Massive, the wind will not topple it.
  • If it is in the way, it can be relocated. It can be hidden either by painting, or in walls and fences, making it invisible.
  • Free from glass fibre, hence it is not harmful to health, even in the long run.


Where is it needed?

  • industrial plants and large gardens

What makes it different?

  • modern design, excellent functionality
  • highly vandal-proof
  • impact- and fire-resistant

What are its characteristics?

  • polycarbonate material, long service life
  • modern lighting protection
  • multifunctional design


Technical data

JZD… direct consumption meter number of meters: 1 or 2
connection: NH00 – terminal block
option 1: external sockets
option 2: overvoltage protection
option 3: sunk in wall
JZK… indirect consumption meter with CTs number of meters: 1 or 2
connection: NH2
option 1: main switch
option 2: meter terminal equipment
option 3: overvoltage protection
JZT… multi-tariff consumption meter upon request
rendszerengedélyek EON, RWE