Installation materials and finished products




  • We produce and market several special products for a wide range of applications.
  • We provide full-scale product services, including customized solutions.
  • The products are characterised by durability and long service life, and are made of polycarbonate material.


Where is it needed?

  • traffic, electric power installation, telecommunications

What makes it different?

  • customized product range with real solutions

What are its characteristics?

  • various application types
  • innovative design
  • state-of-the-art technology

Special products

  • pedestrian crossing pushbutton – in road crossings
  • illuminated guide pillar – on the safety island
  • illuminated sign – in bus stops
  • antique style lamp – downtown
  • PC pillar door – for lamp posts
  • public lighting unit – in pillars
  • utility inlet – electric power, water, gas, telecommunications
  • cable lead-in – in house foundations, watertight
  • sealing plug – in protection pipes
  • vibration damper – under transformers
  • strain relief – cable clamp
  • cable shaft – polycarbonate
  • outdoor cabinet – polycarbonate
  • RKV receiver – radio control

Type: EK90, displacement arrester noise and vibration damper


  • polikarbonát
  • szívósan rugalmas műanyagbevonatú felfekvő felület
  • újrahasznosítható anyagok
  • színe fekete


  • polycarbonate
  • durable-flexible, plastic-covered contact surface
  • recyclable materials
  • colour: black

Area of application

Type EK 90 / EK 90 A displacement arrester noise and vibration dampers have been designed for maximum 800 kVA transformers with a roller diameter of 150-160 mm. The selectable material is determined by the 2000 kg force per roller, in accordance with the DIN standard. Experiments have shown that apart from blocking displacement, the 5 mm durable-flexible plastic cover also dampens transformer vibrations to a great degree. This is especially relevant in cases where transformers operate in the vicinity of residential buildings. In special cases, plastic covers of increased width and/or hardness can be applied.

EK 90

  • flat surface design
  • order number: 09.090.0001

EK 90/A

  • guide plate design (for transformer rail)
  • order number: 09.090.0002

EK 90/4

  • chock
  • order number: 09.090.0003

Type: EK 290 noise and vibration damper


  • bottom and top part polycarbonate
  • A2 steel contact surface
  • special rubber damper
  • recyclable materials
  • colour: grey

Area of application

  • flexible application possibilities
  • maximum output 1000 kVA
  • maximum load 10 kN
  • for transformers with or without rollers
  • in case of the roller-free version, large transformers can also be served by using more vibration dampers
  • in especially sensitive areas


  • optimal damping can be achieved with the help of the special damper element placed between the top and bottom parts
  • the rubber gets pressed together under the weight of the transformer, resulting in a transversal vibration dampening effect
  • according to inspection (FGH LV96042), at the most disturbing transformer vibration of 100 Hz, at least a 20 dB dampening effect is created

EK 290/100

  • for roller installation
  • order number: 09.290.0100

EK 290/101

  • for roller-free installation
  • order number: 09.290.0101


  • Polycarbonate (PC)

Material characteristics

  • high degree of temperature resistance
  • fire safety (self-extinguishing material)
  • chemical resistance
  • can be recycled multiple times

General features

  • colour: grey (RAL 7000), the cover can also be transparent
  • the cover is equipped with a latch and protects against accidental contact
  • the installed elements are compact, represent easy-to-install technology and are of good quality
  • large number of connection and installation options (also in wall)
  • more info: LIC 1 catalogue
  • LIC K99 catalogue

Common features

As an example, a detailed description of the two types most widespread in Hungary

  • for connecting 3 pcs. 5 × 10 mm2 or 2 db 5 × 16 mm2 cables, which are led in through a strain-relief insert (diameter: 19-24 mm)
  • for lamp connection, there is a completely insulated 2,5 mm² terminal block, and the cable is led in via 1 or 2 rubber seals or cable glands
  • the connection space on the lamp side is very large due to the vertical placement of the terminal block; what is more, the terminal blocks can be pulled out, making connection a comfortable and quick procedure
  • earthing and short-circuiting device can be applied and supplied
  • phase changer technology can be supplied to better utilise the cable section
  • contact protection class: II
  • fuse E14, max. 16A

EK 280 characteristics

  • flip-up feed-side terminal block, enabling the direct screwing in of cable threads without splicing
  • protection class: IP 54
  • pillar internal diameter: 90 mm
  • door opening: 80 × 300/330 mm
  • other: adjustable base board, mountable FI relay, greater device length in case of 3 fuses

Cable connecting devices

  • EK 280
  • EK 214
  • EK 260
  • EK 10
  • EK 220
  • EK 340
  • EK 40
  • EK 6
  • EK 170
  • EK 230
  • EK 18

Empty connection boxes and terminal block covering elements

  • EK 1
  • EK 6
  • EK 46
  • EK 2
  • EK 24
  • EK 88
  • EK 132
  • EK 27

Examples for placing orders

  • 280.9998: EK 280 G1S-2b, 1 fuse / 2 pcs. for 4 × 16 mm2 cable
  • 280.9996: EK 280 G2S-2b, 2 fuse / 2 pcs. for 4 × 16 mm2 cable
  • 340.1015: EK 340 G1S-2b, 1 fuse / 2 pcs. for 4 × 16 mm2 cable
  • 340.2004: EK 340 G2S-2b, 2 fuse / 2 pcs. for 4 × 16 mm2 cable


  • Polikarbonát (PC)


  • Polycarbonate (PC)

Area of application

The type EK 7 doors manufactured for street pillars (public lighting, traffic lights, etc.) are made of good quality, flexible plastic. This material is called polycarbonate, which is impact-resistant even at very low temperatures (under –30 °C). In the automobile industry, for example, it is used to manufacture bumpers.


  • no need to worry about earthing, as the door is made of insulating polycarbonate material
  • it is extremely flexible, therefore it follows the pillar shape well, providing very good protection
  • does not dent if subjected to violent physical force
  • smaller storage space requirement in case of large pillar diameters
  • no galvanic cell is created, as there is only plastic on the pillar
  • the pillar surface does not get damaged during installation
  • practical and quick installation or opening during maintenance
  • clever locking mechanisms ensure even single-handed handling, while protecting against unauthorized access
  • as polycarbonate is of no value to vandals and “non-ferrous metal collectors”, there is no need to worry that the pillar doors might be stolen, which results in operational safety and protection for children.

Technical data

  • door opening height and type according to the table
  • door opening width from 70 mm to 140 mm
  • pillar diameter at door opening height from 80 mm to 380 mm
  • latch solutions
  • flush-bolt / compression spring catch
  • rotating bolt-lock / compression spring catch
  • simple latching

Enquiry / ordering

In order to select the proper type, the following data are necessary:

  • door opening internal height
  • door opening internal width
  • pillar diameter at cut-out
  • shape of door lock assembly (triangle, rectangle, other)


  • more than 2 000 000 doors are in use today
  • also used by a Hungarian aluminium pillar manufacturer

Antique style light fixture

Type: EL 8


The bottom part of the light fixture (basket) is made of galvanised and painted steel. The light fixture frame attached to this is made of steel reinforced plastic. The other parts are completely of polycarbonate, with the lid also available in hand-made copper construction upon request. Colour: anthracite, the lid assembly is copper-coloured, all parts are coloured. Contact protection class: II. Protection class: IP 42

Electric design

HQL 50/80 W or 2 × 20W compact light tube. The unit is placed on a separate base board, which is easy to replace due to the quick-snap-on fastening and the pluggable electrical connection.

Lighting technology

As an accessory, we can supply a trapezoid-shaped reflector sheet for the compact light tubes, or a type EK 77/82 optical system for the HQL light sources.

Type: LIC 8

The so-called old city series is made in two basic versions, in rectangular and hexagonal construction. Due to strong profiling, the external casing is made of thick polycarbonate that is coloured throughout the mass. Pillars manufactured this way do not require maintenance or care, and they feature complete electrical isolation. The strength of these pillars is nearly identical to those of steel pillars of similar dimensions.

Pillar structure and principle of construction (from inside to outside):

  • plastic
  • steel
  • plastic
  • barrier layer

Type: LIC EK 73


  • Polycarbonate (PC)

Material characteristics

  • high degree of temperature resistance
  • asphalting can be carried out without problems
  • fire safety (self-extinguishing material)
  • chemical resistance
  • can be recycled multiple times

Area of application

  • electric power supply
  • telecommunications
  • traffic engineering
  • railroads
  • industry


  • modular: size 00, 0, 1 and 2
  • single- and double-door construction
  • asymmetrical space (AS) version
  • five-point locking mechanism

Example for an asymmetrical space (AS) distributor construction as a combination of consumption measurement and power-current branches inside a Gr 2 cabinet.


  • type: EK 57
  • identical material (PC)
  • height: 900
  • modular construction
  • high strength
  • special footing version


A wide range of further application options together with other LIC cabinets, in the wall, in the fence, at the parcel border, etc.


  • contact protection class: II
  • protection class: IP 43 – IP 54
  • removable pieces on each side for cable routing with gland
  • half cylinder lock can be applied
  • self-bearing structure
  • can be moved manually
  • no painting or varnishing required
  • outdoor application
  • ventilation element for special uses
  • access levels can be developed (at AS distributors)


  • long service life
  • robust, impact-resistant, stable
  • UV resistant
  • free from glass fibre
  • environmentally friendly
  • anti-poster surface
  • graffiti can be washed off
  • easy cable connection
  • safe operation


  • cabinet selection
  • planning the internal configuration
  • inspection documentation
  • production according to specific requirements
  • colouring

EK 57 main external dimensions

type (size) width (mm) height (mm) depth (mm)
Gr OA (00) 460 870 330
Gr OE (0) 595 870 330
Gr 1 (1) 790 870 330
Gr 2 (2) 1120 870 330

Type: EK 203, 304, 264, 464, 164, 30


  • Polycarbonate (PC)

Material characteristics

  • high degree of temperature resistance
  • asphalting can be carried out without problems
  • fire safety (self-extinguishing material)
  • chemical resistance
  • can be recycled multiple times

Installation types

On the ground:

  • EK 204
  • EK 304
  • EK 264 with footing
  • EK 30

On pillars, walls:

  • EK 264

Sunk design:

  • EK 164
  • EK 464

EK 204, 304 narrow distributors

  • contact protection class: II
  • protection class: IP 44
  • modular construction
  • high strength
  • special footing version
  • supplied with footing
  • dimensions:
  • EK 204 (W*H*D): 460 × 1596 × 210 mm
  • EK 304 (W*H*D): 745 × 1606 × 225 mm


  • Polypropylene (PP)

Area of application

  • to fasten cables and pipes on the wall or ceiling
  • g. to fasten the single core medium- and low-voltage cables of regular built or prefabricated transformer stations
  • to fasten cables in power plants, etc.


  • the strain relief clamp is made up of two parts, together with the necessary fastening screws
  • the bore-holes used for fastening enable any number of clamps to be built on each other, as well as the adequate configuration of turns and level offsets

Material characteristics

  • high degree of temperature resistance
  • fire safety (self-extinguishing material)
  • chemical resistance


  • durable design
  • robust, impact resistant, stable
  • environmentally friendly
  • safe operation
  • quick and practical installation
  • expandability
  • aesthetic cable management

Short-circuit proof

Due to the self-extinguishing nature of the material and the strength of the construction, the strain relief fastening plate ensures that in case of an incidental arcing short circuit, the cables are held in place during the entire duration of the arcing, preventing any further damages resulting from dynamic forces. This is supported by the arcing short circuit inspections carried out by JET-VILL Kft. on transformer stations with concrete housing.


Type No. of cables Cable diameter Dimensions
Order number
EK 157  6  ca. 23 mm 243/43/25 mm 03.157.0100
EK 247  4  23 mm 190/43/25 mm 03.247.0123
EK 247  4  26 mm  190/43/25 mm 03.247.0126
EK 267  3  28-39 mm  270/50/30 mm 03.267.0010
EK 267 3 34-49 mm  270/50/30 mm 03.267.0011
EK 281  4  33-38 mm  280/65/40 mm  03.281.0100